Eastington Methodist Church

Café Church in October

On Sunday 14th and 21st, we will be looking at Jesus – Controller of Nature as the next part of our series exploring the life and ministry of Jesus.

There are several stories in the Bible where the normal natural order of things gets suspended. Examples include Jesus walking on the water, the calming of the storm and extraordinary catches of fish.

This will all sound like nonsense to those who put their faith in there being no God and believe that everything around us just happened by chance starting from nothing at all.
If you believe that the universe was created by God then, whilst these stories might fill us with wonder, God’s Son being able to do what He did should be of no surprise at all.

Anyway, we will be looking into this in more detail on the above two Sundays and at our Bible studies on the subsequent Tuesdays.

Curious? – then why not come along? – the cakes will be good!

Messy Autumn Half Term 10:00 – 11:30am on Wednesday 24th October

The theme this time will be “Isaac Finds a Wife” so expect activities involving watering camels and weddings. If that does not make sense, why not come along and find out about the full story.
As usual, there will be a selection of crafts and other activities suitable for all ages.



Eastington Methodist Church
Pictures of Summer Activities
Messy Summer (left)
Southerndown Youth Club Outing (below left)
Waterfall Walk Youth Club Outing (below)



Friday Evening Youth Club – meets every week from 7:00 – 9:00pm. Over the summer we enjoyed spending time up at the OHMG field but as the nights draw in, we will be at the church for the whole evening with a variety of activities to participate in for those who want to. Subs are 75p, which includes a drink, and new members are always welcome.

November 11th Remembrance Sunday – 11th November falls on a Sunday this year and is also the 100th anniversary of the ending of WW1. This will be the theme of our Café Church on that Sunday. We would ask that those attending make sure they arrive a few minutes before 11am so as not to disturb the two minutes silence.

Prayer Changes Things – We hold a couple of prayer meetings a week, pray in the services and pray when we meet for Bible Studies. We see answers to prayer all of the time so if you would like us to pray for you and/or your situation, please make contact with us.

Ken Burgin – Senior Steward
Ken, Beck & Liz Burgin 01453 827414