Parish Matters

I have just looked at my previous article and notice it was raining when I wrote it, I don’t think we have any significant rain since.

I hope at least some of you are enjoying the heat.We are still dealing with planning applications from the Great Oldbury site and will be for some time to come I think.

The Ecotricity application isn’t expected until November but please still enter your comments on the SDC (Stroud District Council) web site.

I hope the people who complained at the workmanship on the pavements in the Victoria Drive/Cotswold Avenue area  have been back now they have been finished, it took Parish Councillors many months of meetings to get GCC highways to agree to do the work, so it is very disappointing when we see negative comments on social media I can assure you we all work very hard to do our best for Eastington and its Parishioners.

Muriel Bullock (Chair Eastington Parish Council)     01453 826172