Editorial 170

Dear Readers,

ECN relies on every single one of the people who volunteer to make it happen. Those who contribute articles and help with the production are one group, but these efforts would be in vain were it not for ECN’s very loyal ‘army’ of 30 delivery persons.   Rarely mentioned or thanked, many of these people have been quietly delivering your copy of ECN  for many years.  A few can lay claim to having delivered virtually every single issue of the magazine since it’s re-birth in 1990.  In those early days, before the internet and all that, ECN was a vital organ of communication, keeping Eastingtonians informed of all the goings on at Parish, District and County Council. Perhaps these days – and no less importantly – it serves more to celebrate and foster our wonderful and vibrant community.

Three of these special people, who have been with ECN since the very beginning, have recently felt retirement calling – Alice Elliott, and Mr and Mrs Reg Perry – shown here at the celebration of  our 150th edition – 25 yrs of ECN.

So  a huge Thank You  to every one of you who give up your time for the benefit of all – and a very special  Thank You and Happy Retirement to you, Alice, Maryann and Reg for all that you have done to help keep Eastington folk ‘in touch’ over the years and to help our community to flourish.

Tom, Jan and Mary