Eastington Methodist Church


Our next three Café Church sessions continue the exploration of Jesus’ ministry but the second one in September will double as our Harvest Service and an opportunity to learn about the work of the Leprosy Mission which has been running for 141 years. Leprosy is easily treated but poverty results in many people suffering from this debilitating disease. Please come along on 12th September at 11am to find out more.
Over the summer….
Whilst some of our normal activities stop for the summer holidays, there will be some additional events.
For example, on Monday 13th & 20th August, there will be a drop in café running at the church from 3:00 – 5:00pm with toys and crafts for kids.

Youth Club
The youth club is expected to run throughout the summer with the probable exception of Friday 24th August. The warm weather has already encouraged us to get the water slide out.
Subs are 75p per session, there is a tuck shop, a free drink and various activities/games available. Those about to start secondary school are already old enough to come and would be very welcome.
We are also planning a couple of youth outings in August and are checking demand and available dates. In recent years these have taken the form of a beach trip and a waterfall walk, both in South Wales and both offering the opportunity to get wet.
Ken Burgin – Senior Steward
Ken, Beck & Liz Burgin 01453 827414 www.EastingtonMethodists.org.uk