Parish Matters

I am sure a lot of you will have made the most of the fine weather we’ve recently enjoyed. As I write this, we seem to be experiencing the extreme opposite, although the rain is much needed for the new planting. I only hope it knows when to stop with the Bank Holiday upon us.

As some of you will know, the extended leave of our Clerk, Julie Shirley, has led to a certain amount of pressure on Eastington Parish Council. We are grateful for your patience, if our response to requests and queries take a little longer than usual. However, we will continue, to try and answer any questions you may have, although secretarial time is currently restricted. Please be aware Anita, our temporary clerk, is limited to ten hours per week, so answers may not be as quick as you are used to. Vice Chair Jennie and myself are helping out as much as possible.

Everyone will have noticed the cheery floral decoration on the village gateways during the winter and spring. We are now looking for volunteers to help with the summer replanting of the gateway troughs, so please get in touch if you are able to help. We are anxious to get some dates when this can happen.

The Council is still in discussions with Stroud District Council (SDC) on planning matters at the Oldbury site. We also heard this week that the planning application for the Forest Green Rovers’ stadium will be brought to The Development Control Committee (DCC) in October, so if you have any comment please visit the web site and register them.

Our clerk has received an email reporting a distressing incident in a field off Millend Lane on Wednesday 16th May at about 8.30pm. Apparently, two greyhound type dogs ran towards a mother and son who were attending their ponies in the field. The mother felt very threatened and told her son to get in the car. When she spoke to the owner, he was aggressive and said it was her fault. Unfortunately, the Parish Council cannot do anything about this, and the complainant was advised to contact the police on the 101 number.

I would just like to remind dog owners that, when there is livestock in fields, dogs should always be on their leads.

Muriel Bullock (Chair Eastington Parish Council) 01453 826172