1st Eastington Brownies

We have had a busy term since Easter having girl-led guiding as it should be – the Brownies completed a survey before Easter asking them what they wanted to do, and every single girl wrote swimming, so we’ve been off to Dursley pool to do our swimmer badge.

We frequently hold a “pow-wow” which is the Brownie equivalent to a council meeting.   At the latest pow wow the girls decided on the refreshments for our street party which included “cups of tea & adult biscuits”.

We’ve had some fun out of doors in our Easter egg hunt which was delayed until after the school holidays and we’ve played some traditional street party games to celebrate the royal wedding last week but Wednesday’s weather is always the coldest of the week! We are hoping to get and about the village now the weather is warming up and we have a badge to complete.

We’ve been working in small groups to allow our new brownies to prepare for their promise ceremony on 14th June. We’ve also all worked together to do some secret writing to each other.

We are having a real push this term and next to complete some of the traditional brownie badges before the new brownie programme starts in September.

However, we would really like a few more brownies to join us, we meet on Wednesdays in the village, girls need to be between 7-10 years old.

Come and see us at the Eastington Duck Race on 24th June and “splat that rat” again, the brownies will be selling personalised “I raced a duck” badges! We are always looking for opportunities to get involved in the life of the village.

Please contact Brown Owl on (01453) 825577

The Runaway Horse

A story created by Ella Mangan (age 9) for her writers’ badge :

One day there was a great Brownies, Eastington Brownies. They were amazing and did all of the things kids want to do. They were great. About 12 children came to this super Brownies so it was quiet which was nice. They loved it. I mean, wouldn’t you?

One Wednesday they decided to play a few games, which they all loved. They played Tag and Stuck in the Mud and much more. They were all loving it. They were playing and playing then they heard “clip clop” behind them. All of the children stopped playing. They could still hear it, so they turned around and there were ginger, black & brown and white horses behind them. They all froze in shock. “What is that?” said Brown Owl in shock?  “I I don’t know” said one of the children trembling, “It’s a horse”.

They tried to grab the worried black horse, but it got scared and ran away. It went across the road stopping traffic. What could the Brownies do? The rest were good and well behaved and luckily, they were all saddled. The owner of the horses wasn’t home, so they climbed on them and started to trot down the road. They knew the black horse would probably not be saved. Genius! They kept going till they could see the horse that was quiet far away.

Luckily the horse was in a field which was good because they could all canter to get the run-away horse. That horse was a show jumping horse which meant he was the best. Brown Owl said “I will go on the road and go in the field, so he can’t run, while the rest of you keep watching” she waved as she left.
They got to the sight of the horse and it had no where to go with Brown Owl one end (to the entrance of another field) and the Brownies at the other. Brown Owl leapt off her horse and got hold of the other.

When they got back with all of the horses, the owners had just arrived and they looked puzzled. Then they looked behind them and saw all the Brownies and horses. “My golly” said one of the owners “what happened here?” “Well” said Brown Owl and explained it to them. Their eyes lit up in joy “Why thank you” both the owners said together. Then they all smiled and laughed.

The End