Calling all babies, toddlers, children, parents, grandparents, friends and carers!

Come on down to a Teddytunes session near you. It’s a whole mornings entertainment. Singing, clapping, parachuting, harmonising, bubbling, chatting with friends, eating delicious cake, fruit and more! Laugh your head off and dance till you drop we’ve got it all going on at Teddies. Come and give your children a fun time and have some fun yourself! We welcome you! Vanessa and the gang X

01453 828557 / 07806 802540 www.teddytunes.co.uk vanessa@teddytunes.co.uk

Find our lively parents page on Facebook for video clips, recipes and photos of our classes in action.

Every Thursday during term time 10-11.30 Frampton Village Hall, Frampton on Severn.  £6 per adult and child. £1 per additional child or adult. Pay-as-you-go.