District Councillors’ newsletter

Cllr. Stephen Davies writes:

As predicted in my article at New Year this is proving to be a busy year.
I have been working very closely with the Parish Council on the development at West of Stonehouse or Great Oldbury as it will been known. We have had meetings with the Stroud District Council Planning Officers about footpaths and buffer zones and at the time of writing are awaiting a modified plan which I hope will reflect some of the changes requested. I am afraid it is always true that we will not please all of the people all of the time but I hope that this plan will be a significant response to the concerns raised.

I am also working to prepare for the Ecotricity Planning Application to come before the Development and Control Committee at Stroud District Council – which will probably be in April. I am pleased that the application for a business park has been withdrawn as this was a significant breach to the Stroud District Local Plan. The Stadium, particularly moved to the North side of the road is a different proposition. However I will be speaking against it for a number of reasons including the nature of the application. This is for a 5,000 seater stadium. The current New Lawn has a capacity of 5,147 (although this is rarely achieved.) I do not understand why this application is for a smaller stadium, unless it is so that the traffic modelling is limited to this number. I find this disappointing as the application does talk of enlargement at a later date.

At District Council we recently unanimously voted to approve a £2,000 Commercial loan to a developer planning to develop the Merrywalks Shopping Centre. The GFirst LEP are also investing in this scheme. I think this is an exciting opportunity to improve this site.

As ever if you have any questions or there is anything I can help you with please contact me on 07802 595 307 or at cllr.stephen.davies@stroud.gov.uk.

Cllr John Jones writes:

All things being equal I will be back in action at the beginning of April after my hip replacement.

I too will be opposing the Ecotricity application for the new Stadium. As well as the reasons Stephen has given I think there will be a massive impact from it on match days on minor roads in the area, particularly Alkerton road, Bath Road and Grove Lane . The Stroud Rugby Club application, adjacent to the Stroud water canal, was turned down a few years ago partly on highways grounds as well as intrusion reasons, and I can see very little difference between this and the FGR stadium application.

Please contact me on 07808922918 or Cllr. John. jones@stroud .gov.uk