Cress Green Cattery; The Next Chapter

Cress Green Cattery; The Next Chapter

After 40 years of successful business we have taken the baton and are the new owners of ‘Cress Green Cattery’.

What for some locals and clients was a surprise, was for us a well supported transition. Steve has been popping in, getting to know the previous owner’s procedures for a good few months… from the very start we wanted to ensure the high standards and excellent reputation remained. Although no amount of preparation can get you ready for a house move at the beginning of December!

Not scared of a challenge though, as a family we embraced the whirlwind of the festive period on top of changing schools, unpacking, putting up decs and entertaining family. We juggled those demands on top of our 30 furry guests and changing over to a digital booking system with smiles on our faces.

Our clients have been fantastic. Some were more than a little surprised to see our new faces but most have been wonderfully supportive – many helping us to settle our own ‘nerves’ at taking on a new venture at such a challenging time in the calendar.

Clients are loving the new system of booking that not only gives them instant email confirmation but also gives us the facility of sending epostcards of their furry family member while they’re away. Seeing your pet snuggled up in a cosy bed, eating their dinner or getting a brush and cuddle a few times is reassuring and comforting.

We’ve also maintained the relationship with ‘Five Valleys Cat Rescue’ and have our first ‘foster placement’. I think the hardest part of that role will be resisting the urge to adopt! Mister Tom is our first placement and we’re all falling in love already!

As a family we’re trying to get involved in community events- we’ve always been of the mindset you get out what you put in. So we jumped at the idea of sponsoring an egg for the Easter Hunt, we’re looking forward to donating a tree to the orchard that we happened across last week and we kept all our ‘goodies’ when we moved, ready for the Yard Sale. I’ve already enjoyed a wine tasting evening with ‘The Ladies of Eastington’ and as I write we’re weighing up whether to join the ‘Walkie Talkies’ today (it IS very cold out there!).

So if you have a feline family member who’ll need looking after while you’re away – we’re here to help. But more importantly for us… we’re looking forward to getting to know lots of you in what we’re discovering is, a wonderful and friendly village.

Keely and Steve Folker