Firstly, we would like to start this newsletter by thanking the many local businesses that very kindly donated prizes for our amazing raffle at our Christmas Nativity.

We were overwhelmed by the generosity from everyone and from the proceeds we will hopefully be able to restore our allotment with bark chippings, top soil and mend a few broken items. Playing and exploring outside helps children to learn about their natural world, developing an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time.

They also develop care and concern for living things and the environment which is so important to develop into kind and caring individuals.

2017 ended on a high with another wonderful Nativity performance, the children’s fabulous singing was heard by a very special man with a beard and red jacket who flew in to deliver some presents, much to the children’s delight.

We returned to playgroup in January, concentrating on working in small key groups. The children enjoyed the story of the Elves and the Shoe Maker, learning about textures, sizes and matching pairs of shoes. We talked about the seasons, explored ice and looked at factual books to find out information.

We spent a week cooking pizzas, using tools to prepare the ingredients whilst learning about British Values, such as being polite and encouraging appropriate table manners. This term we also looked at Chinese New Year – year of the dog and we tasted a variety of different Chinese food whilst retelling the story in different ways using play animals, drawing pictures and roleplay.

We are currently full however we have spaces available for September 2018 and we expect to be very busy, so please don’t miss your chance to reserve a space for your child.
If you have a child that you would like to send to our playgroup, and you would like to have a look around why not give us a ring on 07977 342 742. Please remember that you can place your child’s name on our waiting list even if your child is not yet 2 ½ years old (which is our minimum age), and children do not need to be potty trained as we are happy to help support this when your child is ready.
We offer your children a safe and stimulating environment in which they can grow and blossom into self confident, self reliant and positive little people.
Our ultimate goal is to enable the children to have fun, explore and have the freedom to express their individuality, while forming the basis of their education.
We accept government nursery vouchers and other types of employer supported childcare vouchers.

If you would like more details please contact Mandy Owen, Play Leader
Tel 07977 342 742 – email