Editorial 166

Hello Readers,

May we wish you a very Happy Christmas ( be it ‘merry’ or peaceful as is your preference) and all the very best for 2018, from all of us here at ECN.

We are happy to report on yet more successful events organised, run and supported by you, the wonderful community of Eastington. Jennifer Empson and her team at the Eastington Primary School P.A. gave us a very well organised Halloween experience, Anna-Marie Smart and the Ladies of Eastington gave us an excellent Xmas Fayre in the Village Hall, Donna Dalby and the ladies at the playgroup pampered and primped us at the Community Centre while Vanessa Cousins, Bill Edwards and co. try to keep us healthy and happy with their regular community walks – and there are many more goings-on too.
A big thank you to everyone involved in all the happenings in the Parish, as well as to all those who keep vigilant and help to defend our little corner of the world against the ever present threat of inappropriate (or as in the case of the roundabout, just plain careless) developments.

Warmest Wishes

Mary, Jan and Tom          email : info@ecn.me.uk