A History of Eastington by A E Keyes

In 1953 Alfred Keys published a book  called ‘A History of Eastington’.

There were not very many printed, and even fewer still around.
Ann Pitcher very kindly lent me her signed copy, and it is a fascinating look into our past – as well as into the mindset of the 1950s!

With the blessing of Alf Keys, the nephew of the author – who said that he was sure his late uncle would have approved – I have been able to reproduce it here for anyone that would like to see.  I have made three versions:

1) The PDF version will  open directly in Adobe Acrobat reader or similar  and you can download/save it as you wish.
A History of Eastingtonforpdf.pdf

The following two versions are in e-book format, and you will be prompted to save the file.  You should then be able to open it in your e-reader program on your PC or tablet app. (On your tablet, you may need to find the download and choose a ‘share’ option to the app)


2) This ‘epub’ format works with ibook on I-pad and the native book app on Android.

It will download automatically from this link:-
A History of Eastington.epub


3) This .mobi version download should work with your Kindle:
A History of Eastington.mobi